We at Black Pride Ireland stand in complete solidarity with the African-American struggle for justice, and demand fair and equal treatment and an end to the merciless killing of Black people. We hope to see the fruits of their long lived struggle for liberation, sooner rather than later. We send our deepest condolences to the people affected by the deaths of their loved ones. May they rest in power and may their memory never go in vain.

We hope that the community is taking care of themselves properly. We hope that the perpetrators of injustice, at every level, are held accountable and the victims are afforded their full respect and honour.

We want to extend our recognition of the queer and trans voices lost in the noise of these protests. There has been an unending amount of work and organisation led by queer and trans activists. We hope they get the recognition they deserve. Similarly, we want to highlight the violence enacted on the trans community that rarely makes media headlines. May Tony McDade and Nina Pop rest in power. Black liberation cannot be realised without queer and trans liberation.

We would like to point out the importance of international solidarity and resistance. It is time for the black Irish community to realise that the American struggle unfolding in front of us, is not very different from our own. The struggle is and has always been about the destruction of capitalism, and every other putrid foundation that our world is built on - be they racism, neo-colonialism, transphobia, homophobia or class discrimation. Many of the world’s systems that we are accustomed to will be disrupted; we welcome that change. We stand in total belief that there has to be a thorough upheaval in all the institutions that we are beholden to. A new world will be built from its remains. We are seeing real momentum towards Black liberation across the world - and we are acting on it.

With love and solidarity,

Black Pride Ireland